Welcome to Craft Texas Properties. We are based in Houston, Texas (Midtown) & provide a unique & comprehensive suite of services for our clients looking to live and / or invest here in Houston; well known to be considered one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States!

While offering the traditional real estate services who use our local MLS (www.har.com) to help our clients buy, sell, lease, and lease out properties … our services do not stop there. For the past 4 years, we have also designed and developed a suite of unique and one-of-a-kind services that help investors successfully participate in Harris County’s wildly popular property tax foreclosure auction held each and every month on the first Tuesday.

Additionally, we are experts in mortgage lending and the mortgage lending process. Our clients benefit from our knowledge, vast experience, and referral network in this very recently re-regulated industry. This helps our clients hit their closing dates on time and avoid catastrophic pitfalls that often sneak up at the last minute and derail deals and devastate the hopes and plans of all parties involved in an increasing number of tainted transactions. We are able to see our client’s potential underwriting issues at the beginning of the sales transaction as opposed to the end and eliminate the devastating feeling all involved parties experience when a loan unexpectedly busts and with no immediate remedy.

We hire agents of all experience levels and pay higher than average market commission splits while at the same time we provide business to our agents and give them opportunities to learn the real estate sales process and cycle, credit repair, property management, accurate property valuation, our tax foreclosure services etc. (just to name a few) and give them direct access to our vendor partners whose trusted relationships we have spent well over a decade in development of.

We believe that knowledge and experience – not just advertising per se – is what separates agent talent levels and skill sets from others; not high dollar advertising in ritzy magazines. All of us Realtors know – big company’s and small company’s alike – that we all use the same MLS and all share the exact same access to the same buyers and sellers.

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Broker Bryan Craft is a native Houstonian who broke into real estate at the tail end of 2001. At this time, just after 9/11 – it was the beginning of a fall in mortgage interest rates that still hasn’t stopped to this day. This created a massive opportunity not only to purchase more house but also to refinance and save tons of money on your mortgage. Bryan got in to the industry as a mortgage brokering loan officer and ultimately closed and processed hundreds of loans of every conceivable type: 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages, 1st lien cash out refi, 2nd lien cash out refi, FHA, VA, Subprime, Alt-A, Commercial, and Hard Money.

In 2007, having amassed hundreds of satisfied clients and referral sources as a loan officer, it became apparent that the future of the mortgage industry was quickly becoming extremely bleak. The massive wholesale banks that funded the loans originated by brokers were closing their doors – some literally unannounced and overnight. As someone who had developed a great passion for real estate – only from the perspective of a mortgage lender – Bryan, determined to stay in the industry got his real estate salesperson’s license in 2007. He continued to originate loans until 2010 and ultimately got his broker license that same summer.

In November 2010, Bryan attended his first Harris County property tax foreclosure auction and was completely blown away by the crowds of people there in attendance bidding on properties. As a first timer to this auction, with no prior knowledge of the process, Bryan became determined to learn as much about this game and exactly how it is plated. Since that date, and having never missed an auction since, Bryan has designed and engineered a suite of one-of-a-kind services that help first time attendees learn the many nuances of this lucrative type of real estate investing and actually be able to participate in this event with little to no experience as it clearly is wildly popular and lucky cash bidders migrate there each first Tuesday to become instant owners of all types of real property acquired at rock-bottom auction prices!

Although it took a few months before Bryan learned how the auction processes work, in August of 2011 – Bryan released his first Auction Pack – a subscription based service that cherry picks only the top equity properties (on paper anyway) out of the entire (thousands on average each month) auction inventory and presents not only all pertinent, descriptive data about each property – but also embeds a video of each property and its surrounding area.

To date, this service has blossomed into a tool that investors rely heavily on as many of our investor clients are from all over the US and Canada. Bryan has spent approximately 2 weeks for 40 months in a row canvassing Harris County’s 8 precincts capturing property videos for his clients benefit. Consequently, Bryan has literally been all over this county and has an earned understanding of its layout – its fabric – its demographics – its hot areas and also not-so-hot areas – & is truly a Realtor who can say that their area of specialty and concentration is the entire footprint of Harris County!

Ask Me about the Tax Auction Investor Package

Our Tax Auction Investor Preparation Application narrows down the massive field of un-cancelled properties headed to the 115 Congress (Family Law Center) Auction. It is held on the first Tuesday of each month and is typically attended by thousands of interested investors. We release the app on the Saturday before each monthly auction.

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The Auction Pack

The Auction Pack has become only the first service in a line of many new services Bryan has developed out of necessity – particularly to out of town auction investor clients. We also offer:

  • Pre-Auction Special Services
  • Proxy Bidding Services
  • Post-Auction Special Services
  • Construction, Maintenance, Rehab Services
  • Leasing / Selling / Owner Financing / Promissory Note Selling (Secondary mortgage marketing)
  • Property Management / Mortgage Servicing
  • Section 8 Paperwork Processing
  • Eviction / Foreclosure Services
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